Yankees rookies ‘forced’ to dress up like pop stars in a bit of ‘hazing’

Mike Oz
Big League Stew

You'll note the quotation marks in the headline because the gentleman in the photo above look a little too happy in their silly get-ups to be considered forced or hazed. But, yes, those are New York Yankees rookies (both players and an interpreter) and yes, they're in uniforms that aren't your typical Bronx pinstripes.

Under the watchful of eye of Yankees relief pitcher Joba Chamberlain, these six gents were instructed to dress like pop stars after Sunday's game, according an ESPN New York rundown of the situation. Since you may have a tough time deciphering both the Yankees and their pop-star outfits, here goes:

Preston Claiborne (as Billy Ray Cyrus), Cesar Cabral (as Rick James), interpreter Jiwon Bang (as Psy), Brett Marshall (as Yoo Jae-Seok, one of the dancers in Psy's "Gangnam Style" video), David Adams (as Vanilla Ice) and J.R. Murphy (as Justin Bieber).

That's an odd, all-over-the-place mixture of "pop stars." You'd never imagine Rick James spreading out on Psy's couch. Frankly, I was surprised no one on the Yankees was forced to dress up like the other Cyrus.

You know, the one who twerks and who "can't stop." That got me to thinking that if anybody should dress up like Miley Cyrus it should be A-Rod, because they share some piece of DNA that makes people either hate them uncontrollably or defend them forever. And they are apparently twin souls. See what I mean?

After looking those pictures, this happened and now we're all going to have nightmares.

Direct all complaints to Joba Chamberlain. He started us down this road.

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