Yankees pitcher Shane Greene commits three errors, including awful toss to first

The good news, we suppose, is that New York Yankees rookie pitcher Shane Greene didn't finish Monday night's game on the disabled list. Given the Yankees luck with starting pitchers this season, that's something. 

So that's the silver lining, here's the reality: Greene had a really rough night fielding his position during the Yankees' 4-2 loss to the Texas Rangers. He made three errors, and none on plays that were especially hard.

• Greene dropped a ball in the second inning while running to cover first.

• He fielded a comebacker later that inning, a rather routine play. He did the right thing by running toward first base a bit, but his underhand toss would have needed Manute Bol at first base to catch it. It was comically (and maybe even historically) bad.

• In the fourth inning, Greene fielded a dribbler and made an off-balance throw that also flew high above first baseman Kelly Johnson's head. To be fair, this was the toughest of the plays, but it wasn't impossible.

The second error was the worst. Here's another look at it, so you can see exactly how awful Greene's throw to first was:

The three gaffes by a Yankees pitcher hadn't happened since Tommy John (yes, the real guy) in 1988. He made three errors on one play, actually.

Greene fielded another comebacker later and he appeared to have learned his lesson — or he decided to channel Smalls in "The Sandlot." He grabbed the ball cleanly and ran it almost all the way to first base before tossing it to Johnson for the out. Success!

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