Yankees’ minor league affiliate starts brush fire with postgame fireworks display

The jokes about the New York Yankees season going up in flames pretty much write themselves, but first and foremost we’re happy to report there were no injuries or property damage reported when a postgame fireworks display at the Scranton/Wilkes-Barre RailRiders — Triple-A affiliate of the Yankees — game on Saturday started a brush fire behind PNC Park in Moosic, PA.

The Scranton Times Tribune reports that the blaze started after fireworks landed on some dry brush in a field just beyond the stadium, which we probably could have surmised on our own. They did add that the fire was contained to just one acre of land which means local firefighters reacted quickly and did a good job knocking it down.

It sounds as though conditions were conducive to brush fires as typically spring does bring warmer temperatures and drier weather. In fact, local meteorologist Mike Pigott noted that Scranton’s relative humidity was 17 percent, only five percent higher than that of Phoenix, Az.

That didn’t stop the RailRiders from going on with the show on Saturday, though it probably should have. Regardless, it sounds like the whole ordeal will alter their approach to fireworks shows in some way going forward, and may even lead them to cancelling such events.

RailRiders vice president of baseball operations Curt Camoni said no decision has been made yet on whether fireworks will continue.

"This is exactly why we partner with Greenwood Hose Company," he said. "We always have professionals on site in the event this could happen. The safety of our fans is our top priority, as is the neighbors on the hill as well."

The show should definitely go on. They have good procedures in place based on Camoni’s comments and the efficient manner Saturday’s incident was handled. They just need to be more careful and not ignore the potential for a fire when conditions aren’t favorable. Sounder judgment is all that would be required.

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