Yankee traitor! CC Sabathia wears Dodgers cap at Brooklyn Nets humiliating NBA playoffs loss to Chicago Bulls

David Brown

It's been a rough few days in certain New York City sports arenas. It turns out that Mickey Mantle corked one of his bats. Also, the Brooklyn Nets failed to beat the Chicago Bulls, who played Game 7 of their NBA first-round playoff series Saturday night with only three players on the court, and one of them was coach Tom Thibodeau*.

(*Slight exaggeration.)

And worst of all: New York Yankees ace left-hander CC Sabathia attended the humiliating Nets game wearing a Dodgers cap. A Brooklyn Dodgers cap, yeah, and Jackie Robinson, yeah, and "42" is still playing in theaters, sure, but it's the Dodgers just the same. No matter that they abandoned Ebbets Field for sunny Los Angeles in 1958.

To answer the question on so many of your minds: Yes, this is news!

A Yankee wearing a Dodgers cap in Brooklyn's court. Yankee traitor! Bronx treason! Borough scandal! And double-worst of all, Sabathia performed this act in front of his young son Carsten Charles III. You can see, from the photo above, Sabathia giving his son noogies for questioning his father's cap choice. (I can't disagree with Sabathia's all-denim outfit choice, though. Makes me feel better about the first date with my wife.)

Yankee Pinstripes, not Dodger Blue, the younger Sabathia pleads with his father. (And what is it about Sabathia and Caps? He's always dancing the sugar boogie with the Cap' n Crunch devil.)

This is the second such New York Baseball Cap Controversy since December. Before Christmas, New York Mets funnyman Jordany Valdespin took significant flak for posting an Instagram photo of himself wearing a Miami Marlins cap:

The best part is the long chain. But this was the Mets and the Marlins. Small potatoes compared to the Yankees and Dodgers, the rivalest of rivals in Major League Baseball history. According to legend, the last Yankees player to be seen wearing a Dodgers cap was said to be Ed Whitson in 1985. And we know what happened to Ol' Ed.

Imagine Dick Butkus of the Chicago Bears wearing a Green Bay Packers cap. Only if he's punching you in the face.

Can Sabathia repent for his chapeau faux pas? Anything could be forgiven if the Yankees won another World Series, but with only six healthy players*, what kind of odds are we talking?

(*Slight exaggeration.)

It's a good thing the Nets season ended humbly to the Derrick Rose- Luol Deng- Kirk Hinrich-less Bulls. This way, Sabathia won't be tempted to whip out the Dodgers cap for the next round. There would have been a Cap Tribunal for sure.

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