Yadier Molina leaves crackers at home plate for big brother Jose

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St. Louis Cardinals catcher Yadier Molina cracks himself up. Correction: He crackers himself up.

The younger Molina literally left a present at home plate for his older brother Jose Molina of the Tampa Bay Rays on Wednesday night; two packages of cheese/peanut butter crackers. Cardinals coach Jose Oquendo delivered them just before the bottom of the first inning when Jose took his position behind the dish at Busch Stadium. The older Molina proceeded to stick the crackers in his back pocket and squatted the entire first inning with the snack stowed back there, smiling all of the way.

Work that pocket. (MLB.com)
Work that pocket. (MLB.com)

Is Jose Molina his brother's cracker keeper, or what? Meanwhile, Yadier Molina laughed it up from the St. Louis bench.


Yadi Molina has been sidelined with a thumb injury and is unable to play. Possibly feeling left out, he still wanted to let his big bro know he was there — and perhaps wanted to remind him that he's about 40 pounds lighter.

As SB Nation notes, the prank was reminiscent of the time someone left a cheeseburger on third base for hefty umpire Eric Gregg, who unfortunately struggled with his weight until his life was cut short.

But this, this is a happy moment! With crackers! What would you leave at home plate for your favorite MLB catcher?

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