X-ray of Brett Anderson's broken finger

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The Colorado Rockies have placed left-hander Brett Anderson on the disabled list because of a broken left index finger. But, as with anything else these days, some crackpot conspiracy theorists probably don't believe the Rockies because of the their "well-known associations with secret societies."

In order to put all of that talk to rest, Anderson has uploaded an X-ray of his left hand to Instagram. (At least he CLAIMS that it's his hand. And at least we THINK it's Brett Anderson's Instagram.) Sure enough — ouch, babe — it looks like his index finger is fractured. Anderson injured his hand while batting, of course, because the National League won't let go of the out-of-date notion that pitchers ought to hit for themselves. Now there's a good conspiracy theory: Why hasn't the NL adopted the designated hitter yet? Masonic Illuminati, anyone?

And why is poor Anderson hurt again? He's the unluckiest man on the face of the Earth. He said to Troy Renck of the Denver Post:

"I knew something was wrong," Anderson said. "It's unfortunate. It's hard to believe. I have that shadow of the injury bug around me. But there was nothing I could do."

He suffered the injury in the third inning Saturday. Facing Matt Cain, Anderson, who has little experience as a hitter since he was drafted in 2006, flicked a 93 mph sinker off the end of the bat. He shook his hand as he jogged down the line and was unable to remain in the game after throwing a warm-up pitch.

"He said it was like he had a foam finger on. He couldn't feel anything," reliever LaTroy Hawkins said.

Well, he's "No. 1" — with bad luck. Here's video of what happened to Anderson that led him to a 4-6 stint away from the Rockies rotation. (At least we THINK it's what happened to him):


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