Wrong call hurts Yankees in the second inning

Kevin Kaduk
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Game 1 of the ALCS got off to a slow start with the New York Yankees and Detroit Tigers scoreless after five innings. The Yankees would have had at least one run, though, if first base umpire Rob Drake had made the right call at the end of the second inning.

The situation: With the bases loaded and two outs, Robinson Cano hit a chopper to Jhonny Peralta, who made an impressive barehand grab of the ball and fired over first. It was a bang-bang play and Drake called Cano out, though the freeze frame above show that was not the correct call. Had Cano been ruled safe, a run would have scored and the inning would have continued against Detroit starter Doug Fister, who struggled the first two innings but then retired nine straight Yankee batters after this play.

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There probably aren't too many non-Yankee fans crying over the fact that something didn't go the Yankees way in the postseason. But there's no denying the wrong call was made here.

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