Wrigley Field usher interrupts TV interview with Clint Hurdle’s father

Wrigley Field usher interrupts TV interview with Clint Hurdle’s father
Wrigley Field usher interrupts TV interview with Clint Hurdle’s father

Welcome to the not-so-friendly confines of Wrigley Field?

During the fifth inning of the Chicago Cubs 6-2 loss to the Pittsburgh Pirates, Root Sports broadcaster Robby Incmikoski — not to be confused with former Pirates infielder Rob Mackowiak — conducted an in-game interview with the father of Pirates manager Clint Hurdle — also Clint Hurdle but doesn't go by the title Sr. — that ended in the most unusual manner.

The interview took place with both men standing in an aisle way about halfway up the lower section of seats behind the first base dugout. Obviously not the most convenient place as the view of several fans was blocked, but Incmikoski was determined to talk to Mr. Hurdle — who actually traveled with the team to Wrigley Field as a part of their special fathers road trip — about the team's success this season.

The first 90 seconds or so went smoothly, then around the 1:45 mark of the video a little commotion can be overheard followed by what appears to be Incmikoski saying "don't touch me!" When the camera returns, we see that a Wrigley Field usher had grown impatient, perhaps at the urging of some fans, and was putting the kabosh on the interview. And so it ended just strangely and just that awkwardly, because let me tell you something folks, those Wrigley Field ushers mean business.

I'll be honest, too, I have no problem with how it was handled. For the most part these types of interviews are harmless because they're short and not so much in the way. Once this interview went past 90 seconds — while action was going on — and the interviewer asked a fresh question, it was time to step in. Not only can it be annoying, it can also be dangerous.

Perhaps the usher was a little pushy. If he put his hands on Incmikoski, that's not good conduct on his part. But I still don't blame him for killing the interview. Next time plop down in those two empty seats or even invite the guest into the booth, but do whatever you can to avoiding blocking people's view of the action.

Editor's note: According to Robby Incmikoski, who contacted me via Twitter this afternoon, he was not the person caught saying "don't touch me" on the video. I regret and apologize for the error.

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