World Series weather: It’s looking promising, but keep your fingers crossed

Kevin Kaduk
Big League Stew

While early-week forecasts slanted a tad pessimistic, Bud Selig and baseball can rest a bit easier after looking at the radar for Game 1 of the World Series on Wednesday night.

No, it's not going to feel like a midsummer night out at Fenway Park, but the scattered showers aren't likely to knock the series off schedule from the start or form into something. And if you look at the Yahoo Weather sites for Boston and St. Louis, you'll see this series should be able to be navigated with a wool cap and some handwarmers rather than umbrellas or parkas. Score.

Here's New England-area meteorologist David Epstein writing in the Boston Globe about Game 1's weather forecast:

Tonight is going to be a chilly night for baseball. There is no doubt the game will be played as even if a few showers are around for the first pitch, the rain will be moving out, rather than in. You will want to have a warm jacket, but it's not going to be April baseball cold ... In Fenway at 7PM as folks are getting settled, the skies will be cloudy, there is the risk for a spot shower and temperatures will be a raw in the lower 50s and falling slowly. The clouds will actually help to keep temperatures from falling too quickly. Whenever I go to Fenway, the heat of the crowd tends to keep temperatures a bit warmer in the Park.

As someone who endured the weather troubles in Philadelphia during the 2008 World Series, this is something I now check at the start of every Fall Classic.

And admit it, even if you're watching from the comforts of your warm couch, it's nice to know you can expect to watch a baseball game — and not Joe Buck and Tim McCarver struggle to fill time — when you sit down.

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