Woman bails as home run ball and large group of fans converge

The first instinct of most baseball fans is to sell out and sacrifice themselves or those around them for a chance at a souvenir. We saw no better example of this earlier this week when a fan literally forgot where he was or what he was doing, let go of his son's wagon to chase a home run ball and watched as the wagon rolled down the hill into a fence.

Thankfully, there were no injuries reported. Well, aside from the man's ego after he heard about it from his wife. But it shows how locked in the majority of fans are when they attend games. It's almost like they can smell the baseball coming from 400 feet away, so the instincts take over and the results aren't always pretty.

Of course, not all fans are like this. Every now and then you'll see one that's eager to bail, sometimes even leaving their significant other in harm's way. But never have we seen a more decisive bailing than what happened in the ninth inning of Friday's Grapefruit League battle between the Baltimore Orioles and Minnesota Twins.

Twins third baseman Brandon Waring crushed a game-tying home run that was heading right in the direction the woman wearing the orange shirt. An easy souvenir if she felt confident enough to hold her ground or decided to wear a glove, but she decided right away that she wanted no part of it. After watching the video a few times, it was probably the best decision she could have made under the circumstances. As she runs away up the hill, a pack of about ten fans swarm in and fight over the baseball.

It's basically the reverse of the dad letting go of the wagon, and since no one was injured in either case, the scene is just as comical.

As for our suggestions for fans heading to a future game.

1. Wear a glove. Because why not? You're still cool to us.

2. Know where you're sitting or standing and always be ready to react.

3. Bring the kids but leave the wagons and strollers at home. You need to keep as many hands free as possible.

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