Before winning their MVPs, Miguel Cabrera and Andrew McCutchen set up a video-game date

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It's a memorable day for Miguel Cabrera of the Detroit Tigers and Andrew McCutchen of the Pittsburgh Pirates. They won the 2013 MVP awards on Thursday, the second consecutive for Cabrera and the first for McCutchen.

Earlier in the day, before the awards were announced, Cabrera and McCutchen both got another prize — a PlayStation 4. The video-game system goes on sale Friday, but when you're one of the best baseball players on the planet, Sony doesn't mind hooking it up in advance.

Soon enough, thanks to Twitter, they were talking about linking up to play "Call of Duty."

Then the "Call of Duty" people jumped in the middle. Worth noting: As popular as Cutch and Miggy might be, the Call of Duty Twitter account easily dwarves their followings.

What the heck does K/D mean? No, it's a new sabermetric stat you need to learn about. K/D is a "Call of Duty" player's kill-death ratio and Strikezone is a level in "Call of Duty: Ghosts." But if K/D were a sabermetric stat, we're sure someone would be quick to expound upon why Mike Trout's numbers were better than Cabrera's.

The 2013 MVPs congratulating each other on Twitter and talking video games? This is definitely not old-school.

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