Wild pitch on intentional walk leads to run in Korean league playoff game

The Korean Baseball Organization’s playoffs are in full swing as well, though it appears the quality of play there hasn’t been as strong as what we’ve seen in the MLB playoffs. In particular, when Nexen defeated Doosan 3-2 on Wednesday, the game was marred by miscues as all five runs were scored or set up by walks, wild pitches or misplays in the field.

In other words, there wasn’t a truly conventional run in the bunch, but the game’s strangest highlight (or lowlight) came when Doosan pitcher Hong Sang-sam airmailed his catcher on an attempted intentional walk. And on the first pitch, no less.

The wild pitch allowed the game-tying run to advance from second to third. At that point, Doosan decided to change their strategy and call off the intentional walk, but that didn’t work either. On the very next pitch, Hong Sang-sam would uncork another wild pitch, this time in the dirt, allowing Nexen to even the score 1-1.

So that's one run scored on a back-to-back wild pitches in an at-bat where the Nexen manager simply wanted the batter walked.

Earlier, Doosan scored their first run when a relay throw on a double play attempt skipped past the first baseman. Later, they reclaimed the lead after a series of mistakes. First, Nexen's catcher threw the ball into center field on a stolen base attempt. When the next batter laid down a sacrifice bunt, the ball was thrown down the right field line, allowing the runner to score easily from second.

The lead would be short-lived, however, because Nexen tied the game at 2-2 on a bases loaded walk. Then, in extra innings, Nexen won it in walk-off fashion after the winning run advanced to third on a two-base error on a pick-off attempt, and then scored on a single. Yes, there actually were hits in the game.

You can watch the highlights of the winning sequence right here. The celebration itself was a wild one as the runner had to weave through his own teammates just to get to home plate. They weren't coming for him, either. They were looking for the batter, whom they splashed with water and chased into the outfield.

It was a crazy finish fitting of the game that was played. And there may be more to come as the series continues later in the week with Nexen leading 2-0.

BLS H/N: Dan from MyKBO.net

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