Wild Finish: Mike Moustakas throws out Tyler Greene at home to secure Royals’ 3-2 win

If it seems like Mike Moustakas has been all over Big League Stew lately, it's because he has. Whether he's diving into the stands in New York, crashing into security guards in Baltimore, or tripping over his own two feet in Pittsburgh, the Kansas City Royals third baseman has made sure to keep himself fresh in our minds.

Well, guess what? He was at it again on Friday night in St. Louis. Only this time time, Moustakas was on the right side of a wild game-ending play that wrapped up Kansas City's fourth straight victory, 3-2 over their National League rivals.

And when we say wild, we mean wild, as the play involved a successful steal of second base by Cardinals' baserunner Tyler Greene, and two errant Royals throws before Moustakas chased the ball down and fired a strike to the plate to nab the hustling Greene by an eyelash.

Watch the play as it unfolds:

Did I say by an eyelash? I think it was actually closer than that. As does Tyler Greene.

''It's a tough call, the call's been made,'' Greene said. ''Just from my perspective, I knew it was close but I thought I'd kind of gotten a foot in there.''

A close call it was, but it certainly didn't look like Greene, who actually slid into every base on his 360 foot journey (including a head-first slide into his first base on his infield single), would have any trouble touching home with the tying run. That was, until Moustakas calmly collected the ball and made what needed to be a strong, pinpoint throw.

''On that play, it doesn't really matter where you make that throw,'' Moustakas said. ''You've just got to get it and get rid of it and give your catcher a chance to tag him out.''

Moustakas makes it sound relatively easy, and he definitely made it look easy, but even with a somewhat short distance, that throw was anything but easy. That's especially true with 40,000 fans in a frenzy and a baseball game on the line.

So our hat is off to Moustakas for coming through with a clutch defensive play, and our thanks go to him for providing yet another memorable moment in the 2012 season.

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