Wife of Twins player Michael Cuddyer gives birth — to twins

David Brown
Big League Stew

On the same day the Minnesota Twins offered him a $25 million contract over three years, Michael Cuddyer received other news he probably found at least twice as compelling. Cuddyer announced Tuesday afternoon that his wife had given birth to twin girls — really — named Chloe and Madeline. A Twin begets twins. The couple also has a 3-year-old boy named Casey.

The photo above (that's Michael in the middle) is plenty adorable, but it could have been better. If only Cuddyer had thought to pose the children like they were shaking hands across the umbilical cord (not unlike the Twins' ubiquitous logo).

Oh, well. There's always their first birthday.

As for Cuddyer and free agency, the Twins might be counting on him being loyal to his original organization. {YSP:MORE}

He will be considering an offer, first reported by Jon Heyman, that pays him an average of $8.3 million until 2014. That's more or less the same pay rate from the four-year deal he just completed. (His 2011 salary was $10.5 million).

Cuddyer, who will turn 34 by opening day, has hit .272/.343/.451 over eight full seasons in Minnesota. His career adjusted OPS is 111 — meaning he has been 11 percent better on offense than the average major leaguer. He hit .284/.346/.459 with 20 homers in 584 plate appearances in 2011. Cuddyer is competent at several positions on defense. He's also a great photographer and does magic tricks.

It has to be a coincidence the Twins made an offer the same day his wife gave birth. There's no way the hometown team would try to take advantage of Cuddyer's loyalty and his giddiness from adding actual twins to his family. That doesn't happen! Right?

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