Why, yes, you certainly can take the Anaheim out of the Angels

So far this off-season, the Angels whiffed on Mark Teixeira, ignored Manny Ramirez, waved good-bye to Francisco Rodriguez and welcomed Brian Fuentes.

They do, however, get to keep their good name. Whatever it is this week.

That's because Anaheim mayor Curt Pringle is canning Anaheim's lawsuit against the club, filed in 2005, that claimed the Halos broke their lease with the city requiring the team name to include "Anaheim."

"The Los Angels Angels of Anaheim" don't cut it for ya, Pringle?

At these prices, in this economy, the answer becomes "yes." Owner Arte Moreno's team spent about $7.5 million in fees fighting the suit, and the city won't compete anymore.

You might say the city called off the Rally Monkey.

While the mayor didn't have much of a legal leg on which to stand (twice, courts ruled in favor of the Angels), it's true that the word "Anaheim" often (usually?) gets lost.

Heck, the city can't even get Moreno to call the ballpark Anaheim Stadium anymore. It's Angel Stadium, even though the signs outside look like "AngelA Stadium."

This underscores the Angels' identity crisis, endured for nearly 50 years living in the Dodgers neighborhood. Greater Los Angeles' American League Ball Club just can't settle on what to call itself:

1961-'64: Los Angeles Angels

'65-'96: California Angels (I'd just go with that one)

'97-'04: Anaheim Angels

'05-'05: O.C. Monkey! (I made that up)

'05-present: Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim (but not really of Anaheim)

Well, now it's settled. And out of court, too.

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