Why Is This News? Milton Bradley arrested on felony charge in LA

So I was still awake on Tuesday night when word started to trickle out that Seattle Mariners outfielder Milton Bradley(notes) had been arrested on an unspecified felony charge in Los Angeles. But I didn't write anything because I was working on a Bears-Packers rivalry piece for our NFL guys and, more importantly, I think I'm past the point of being immediately spurred to action when a story breaks about Milton being Milton.

After all, over the three or so years of Big League Stew's existence, we've put together pieces after Bradley — deep breathleft the stadium on his own accord, left the stadium at the suggestion of Lou Piniella, threw a ball into the stands after losing track of the outs, was sent home by the Cubs in September, left a Chicago landlord in the lurch, accused the Cubs of sending him racist letters, gave Rangers fans the finger and called a loss to the Nats "a Rodney King beatdown."

There were other incidents in that time period that we undoubtedly skipped and dozens before this blog was even a glint in Jamie Mottram's eye.

This latest run-in has Seattle writers investigating the possibility of the Mariners' voiding the last year of Bradley's contract. We'll see if that actually happens, but I think we know how the rest of this will really end: Bradley will place the blame on someone else, he'll have to go to an anger management class that has never worked before, and he'll return to the field because he's occasionally played baseball at a high level for a few of the many teams that placed their trust in him.

Wake me when it's all over.