Why was B.J. Upton given a home run after catwalk interference?

For the people at home who were busy watching Steve Harvey at the start of the game, you missed B.J. Upton's home run that bounced off the second lowest catwalk (the arrow above points to my closest approximation for where the ball hit). Though the ball fell to the outfield — depriving some left field ticket holder of a cool souvenir — it was still ruled a home run.

From the Tropicana Field ground rules:

A batted ball that hits either of the lower two catwalks, lights or suspended objects in fair territory is a home run.

While some Red Sox fans might cry conspiracy, take it from your humble blogger that the ball was definitely on its way out of the park. The supportive catwalk is 125 feet above the playing field and there was no doubt the ball would've landed in the left field stands.

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