Who's not thrilled the A's traded Yoenis Cespedes? Hitler, that's who (Video)

Despite Jon Lester going 3-1 with a 2.60 ERA since joining the Oakland Athletics, there are still those within the ranks of A's fandom that think the Yoenis Cespedes-for-Lester trade was a mistake.

Obviously, the rent-a-star strategy isn't something they're used to in Oakland. Since Cespedes was a fan favorite and because the A's are having their worst month of the season in August, people are still second-guessing general manager Billy Beane. 

"Who trades their cleanup hitter during a championship run?"

That's the question being posed by Hitler. Yes, Hitler ... but no, not the real Adolf Hitler. He's dead. Rather, we're talking about long-standing video meme of Hitler reacting to unfavorable news. An A's fans made a Cespedes-centric version of the meme and it's pretty funny (though, fair warning, there's a curse word that will show up in the subtitles).

YouTube user Meurs1215 created the video and says it includes inside jokes from the gang at AthleticsNation.com. It's surprising to think Hitler would be an A's fan, but when you're meme-making, sometimes you just have to suspend disbelief.

Red Sox fans made their own "Hitler Reacts" video about parting with Jon Lester, which you can also see below. While you watch it, ponder how long both of these fanbases will be second guessing the Lester-for-Cespedes trade.

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