Who are MLB's true five-tool players? Statcast figured it out

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"He's a true five-tool player," is the type of thing you constantly hear about the baseball stars of tomorrow. Saying a player has all five tools is the ultimate compliment — it means they hit for average and power, run well, play stellar defense and have a great arm.

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Typically, those type of players have the potential to become superstars and lead even the worst of franchises to the top. Scouts get paid to make those decisions. Fans, on the other hand, have fun debating which players they believe actually possess all five tools.

Thanks to Statcast — MLB's data-gathering tool that measures every movement on the diamond — your arguments with your friends just got easier. Statcast attempted to measure which players actually possess all five tools.

(Getty Images)
(Getty Images)

Via MLB, research was based on the following data points:

• Hitting: Batting exit velocity of ≥ 110 mph
• Hitting for power: Home run distance of ≥ 425 feet
• Fielding: Route efficiency of ≥ 98 percent
• Throwing: Throws of ≥ 85 mph
• Running: Top baserunning speed of ≥ 21 mph

Only eight players fit those parameters. Some are pretty easy to guess. Others, however, may surprise. With that said, here are the eight players Statcast claims have all five tools:

The Statcast™ "Five Tool Players"
Mike Trout
Andrew McCutchen
Carlos Gomez
Yoenis Cespedes
Lorenzo Cain
Hunter Pence
Ian Desmond
Marcell Ozuna

It's at this point that we should note Statcast's words aren't gospel. While the tool may eventually help us understand aspects of the game, it's probably too early to take a ton of the data with 100 percent certainty. Basically, you probably shouldn't go around saying Marcell Ozuna is a better player than Bryce Harper based on Statcast data. That's not exactly true, and that's not what this list is trying to accomplish anyway.

What we like about the list is that it does highlight players who do everything well, and, more importantly, it creates interesting discussion and debates among fans. Sitting around and yelling with your friends about which players dominate the game is fun. This adds to those debates.

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So, in keeping with that line of thinking, who do you think deserves to be added to the list? Did anyone on there surprise you? Where the heck are Carlos Correa and Francisco Lindor

Let the arguments begin!

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