White Sox beer vendor rear-ended by Adrian Nieto foul ball (Video)

David Brown
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A beer vendor at U.S. Cellular Field suffered the indignity of getting hit in his bottom with a foul ball by Adrian Nieto in the sixth inning Thursday night. He was OK, physically. Worse, though, was the public ribbing he took not only from fans in the stands who saw it happen but also from the TV broadcasters handling the game for the Chicago White Sox. Ken "Hawk" Harrelson and Steve Stone went into full Statler and Waldorf mode after the vendor got plunked. They only do it out of love, of course:

"Hawk": "Watch out! Boy, that got one of the vendors right in the butt."

Stone: "Yes! He was trying to sell something and the next thing he knows..."

Hawk: "Right in the derriere."

Stone: "...He's got a butt burger"

Hawk: "Tee-hee-hee-hee!"

Stone: "That's called 'Face the field.' "

Hawk: "He's doin' 'The Penguin (Dance)' there."

Stone: "I can understand that. That was a shot right there."


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