Where's the All-Star support for Frank Thomas?

C'mon people, where are you?

A few weeks ago, I asked Stew readers to get behind an All-Star ballot campaign to get Frank Thomas to Yankee Stadium this July. The intent was to honor get Big Hurt to his first ASG since '97 as a way to honor both his career and his position as one of the only current players to speak on the record about steroid use. Many of you said you agreed with me, both in the comments section and through private e-mails.

I assumed we were on our way.

Well, Major League Baseball released its first batch of All Star Game voting results today and Thomas is nowhere to be found in the top five of American League designated hitters.

As expected, David Ortiz holds a commanding first place lead, followed by Hideki Matsui, Jim Thome, Gary Sheffield and Travis Hafner. (The league only releases the top five totals for every position except outfield.)

No one, of course, is going to beat out Ortiz and Red Sox Nation, especially since there isn't anyone — Big Papi included — who's making an argument-proof case for sealing up the spot. (Thome, Sheffield and Hafner are all having terrible seasons.)

But what does it hurt to head on over to MLB.com and cast a few votes for Thomas so that he's not overlooked by Terry Francona when selection time comes around?

As it stands, Oakland doesn't have an All-Star lock on its roster and a case for Thomas to be the team's representative could be strengthened by a decent vote total. In 27 appearances with the A's, Thomas is hitting .315,.415/.506 and has 4 HR and 16 RBI. Not earth-shattering numbers, no, but pretty comparable to every other DH on the ballot.

With Oakland sitting at 26th on the MLB attendance list at only 20,803 fans a game, Bay Area fans won't be able to do this on their own. So what's a few minutes spent casting a couple of ballots for Thomas online or at the ballpark? There's still time to send the Big Hurt to the Big Apple.