Whatever happened to the Carlton Fisk home run ball from the 1975 World Series?

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Major League Baseball started interleague play in 1997, but (somehow) Tuesday night is the first time the Cincinnati Reds have visited Fenway Park since playing the Boston Red Sox in the 1975 World Series. Even though the Reds beat the Red Sox in seven games in '75, and are widely recognized as one of the best teams ever — they're The Big Red Machine, c'mon! — the most famous moment of the '75 Series belongs to Carlton Fisk and the Red Sox, when he hit the winning home run in Game 6.

And the ball Fisk hit off the left-field pole apparently belongs to broadcaster and pundit Keith Olbermann, who says he got the ball from Reds outfielder George Foster, who kept the ball for nearly 40 years after it had fallen back to Earth. In the video above, Olbermann taunts journalist Howard Bryant by making him guess what the ball represents. All we really have to go on is the the "Lee MacPhail" stamp — he was president of the American League at the time — and Olbermann's word. But he respects baseball like few others, so if Foster was being straight with him, this is the ball.

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Pretty neat.


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