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Legendary comedian George Carlin used to do a bit in which he pretended to be Al Sleet, the Hippie Dippy Weather Man (who brought us "the hippie dippy weather, man"). Al would say things like: "Weather tonight: dark. Turning partly light by morning."

Of course, Texas Rangers left-hander Derek Holland isn't in that league (yet?) but he does seem like an affable free-spirit who's not afraid to make himself look silly in front of everyone. Having grown tired of being a limo driver and later Kurt Vonnegut, Holland has moved to greater challenges. Naturally, his foray into TV meteorology was disastrous as far as telling viewers about the weather in the Dallas Metroplex, but it also was humorous to see him step in for actual weather man Pete Delkus on WFFA-TV on Friday:

"I went to college down in Alabama for this," Holland said after Delkus foolishly handed him a clicker to control the background images.

"Oh, it's a little bit cold out — we have to put our hoods up," Holland said, pointing to a cold front as he flipped his hood over his head. Later, "Oh, look at that. We're going to get about six feet, that says, of rain," when it actually said one-quarter to a half-inch.

Holland did his best to keep up with the special effects, but relied on his impressions — of Will Ferrell doing Harry Caray, and internet goofball prankster Ed "Look at This!" Bassmaster — to distract the viewers from his meteorological shortcomings.

The highlight for Holland, probably, was becoming partly invisible when he removed his hoodie to a reveal a T-shirt that had the same color as the chroma key background. Hey, it's Kurt Vonnegut's disembodied head! Would you look at that?!

Here's hoping Holland never outgrows being silly.

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