The Wave conflict in Washington at new heights after fans fight and Bryce Harper speaks out

Mike Oz
Big League Stew

If the battle surrounding The Wave and its place at Nationals Park were a movie, we've got our big plot twist: A group of Washington Nationals offensive players, including Bryce Harper, have voiced support for fans doing The Wave.

Act 1 of this film dates back to last season, when a number of Nats pitchers censured The Wave. It intensified this season when a group of fans actually made a flier trying to convince other fans not to participate in The Wave. Act 2 started this weekend when, according to DC Sports Bog, a scuffle between Wave lovers and Wave haters ended with a Wave lover getting escorted out of the park.

Now that our story has a martyr, it just needs people to fight for him. Cue Harper and Ian Desmond as our leading men:

Relief pitcher Ryan Mattheus is one of early objectors of The Wave. He is, in fact, quoted on the anti-Wave flier. But he complicated things with these tweets:

Now we await Act 3. What will the pro-Wavers do for revenge for the ejection? Which Washington Nationals player will speak up next? Will Jayson Werth vow to stop shaving until The Wave is saved? Errrr, scratch that. Will Jayson Werth chain himself to a beer cart? Will Stephen Strasburg even care? Has anybody asked Adam LaRoche's kid what he thinks?

And when, most importantly, will President Obama step in to arbitrate The Wave conflict?

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