Watch a slimmed-down Pablo Sandoval make a fantastic play in Venezuelan Winter League

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Pablo Sandoval's winter transformation has had a lot of San Francisco Giants fans talking. The Panda has been working hard in his native Venezuela as he heads into a contract season, and one report has him down in weight as much as 42 pounds.

Now, some will dismiss the weight loss numbers because they'd rather see what a healthier Sandoval can do on the field. So watch the video above and get a tease.

It's taken from a Thursday night game in the Venezuelan Winter League. And keep in mind: nobody ever accused Sandoval of being a great fielder. He's decent, but his bat was why he has a big-league job. Heckuva play.

We'll see how Sandoval's slender new look will affect his approach at the plate this spring, but all early signs are pointing toward us seeing a whole new Panda in 2014.

If you missed it before, here's a pic of just how much Sandoval has slimmed down:

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