Watch the pulverizing home-plate collision that sent a minor-league catcher to the hospital

Mike Oz
Big League Stew

Maybe Brandon Douglas forgot he was playing baseball and got swept up in the "OMG, the NFL is back" hype. Maybe he saw famous pro wrestler Goldberg spear a catcher recently during a bit of pre-game shenanigans and thought this sort of thing is cool now.

But, geez, what happened in this play from a Double-A playoff game between the Erie SeaWolves and Harrisburg Senators doesn't look like something we see too often on a baseball field. It was much more vicious.

Brandon Douglas is the runner and Brian Jeroloman is the catcher his victim. This type of hit makes you think of a safety trying to cause a fumble, not a runner trying to cross home plate.

Home-plate collisions like this one are an ever-growing concern in Major League Baseball, with even "old school" guys like Cardinals manager Mike Matheny changing his stance and wanting collisions banned. In this case, the fallout wasn't just a gruesome highlight. Jeroloman left the game and eventually was taken to the hospital.

It should be pointed out, too, that while Douglas seems to be OK after the hit, this is the type of play that could have led to a concussion for him.

One minor-league play isn't likely to cause major-league hubbub and bring about a rule change on its own. But you have to consider this as another in the collection of brutal home-plate collisions we've been seeing in recent years. When even the NFL is scaling back the hits its players are allowed to deliver, it's only a matter of time before baseball does something.

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