Watch out! Jordy Mercer's homer hits fan in the face, destroys her beer

Jordy Mercer of the Pittsburgh Pirates launched a fourth-inning homer Wednesday against the San Francisco Giants, and the home-run ball played a mean game of fan abuse.

If you watch the video above, the whole thing happens so quickly that you'll probably just find yourself wondering — like our friend @GGGiants — why left fielder Michael Morse was jumping. His arms aren't that long.

To get the full story of this Giants fan abuse, we need to examine this Vine version of the play made by Marc Normandin of SB Nation:

The ball strikes the fan in the chin, which surely couldn't have felt good. Oh well, at least she still has her beer to drown her sorrows ... wait! The ball took out the beer too?! Yep, it ricocheted right into the cup and destroyed it. 

Somebody obviously didn't love that baseball enough as a kid. That's no way to treat a person.

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