Watch Kris Bryant go undercover to prank college baseball team

If the whole baseball thing wasn't working out so well for Kris Bryant, perhaps he'd have a career as an undercover agent.

We say that because as big a star as he already is for the Chicago Cubs, he seemingly has no trouble going incognito. And that ability to blend in has now led to a couple hilarious pranks that should only prove to make Bryant more popular. 

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The first took place last year in Chicago when Bryant posed as a driver for the Youtube series "Undercover Lyft." Not one person recognized Bryant, even though he was enjoying a Rookie of the Year season in Chicago on one of baseball's best teams. 

Perhaps motivated by the success of that venture, Bryant, with some slight urging from Red Bull, decided to test his acting skills and his level of anonymity again by pranking the baseball team at Mesa Community College.

The concept of the prank was pretty simple: Bryant was posing as a European transfer named Roy, and he was there to take some jobs and ruffle some feathers. At least that's how Thunderbirds coach Anthony Cirelli described it. And yes, Cirelli was very much involved in the prank. In fact, he was key in selling it to his players. 

It all worked quite well. Not too many players were thrilled about the possibility of losing at-bats to a midseason transfer, but the conversations immediately changed once Bryant entered the cage. 

After watching several swings and listening to several thunderous connections, those who had gripped among themselves and then offered a handshake to "Roy" quickly realized something was up. It was obvious they weren't watching a transfer from Europe, they were watching a highly skilled hitter ready for the major leagues. That's when speculation began circulating around the team that the man in the cage might actually be Bryant, and then the big reveal took place.

(Red Bull)
(Red Bull)

It's pretty funny too, because no one seemed to give his identity a second thought until he entered the cage. It was the swing that made Kris Bryant a star that blew his cover, because that's one thing he'll never be able to hide.  

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Here's an interesting point though. The Mesa team didn't really need a prospect like the mighty "Roy" to begin with. They're 25-6 this season, and they have quite a history of success. Overall, they've won 18 National Championships, with the most recent coming in 2014.

That's a dynasty, and it's mighty impressive considering the year-to-year turnover that takes place at the community college level. Our hats are off to coach Cirelli, and a big high-five to all involved for being good sports. 

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