Watch Casey Stengel’s game-winning inside-the-park home run from the 1923 World Series

Thursday marked the 90-year anniversary of the first World Series game ever played at the original Yankee Stadium. That game was also the first World Series game to be nationally broadcast on-site, which in and of itself is a huge milestone in the game‘s history. But despite the incredible historical significance that surrounded Game 1 of the 1923 World Series, it was the legendary Casey Stengel who stole the headlines, winning the game for the New York Giants with a ninth inning inside-the-park home run off Joe Bush.

It’s a great, almost entirely forgotten baseball moment that has been rarely seen, but thanks to the incredible team over at MLB Productions, we can relive it over and over again through the newsreel footage they released on Thursday. It's a quick video, but it's definitely worth a look.

OK, so maybe Stengel wasn’t that quick on his feet, but he was at least that quick with his wit. His sharp tongue and entertaining exchanges with players, umpires and the media provided some of the more memorable quotes we've heard over the years. Many of which are still repeated and reapplied today. But it was his managerial success with the New York Yankees that made him most famous, and cemented his place in baseball’s Hall of Fame.

In 12 years as the Yankees skipper (1949-1960), Stengel won 1,149 games and led New York to 10 American League pennants and seven World Series titles. It’s a stretch of managerial success that is nearly impossible to match. Stengel also managed the Brooklyn Dodgers, Boston Braves and the expansion New York Mets to far less success, but his legacy was cemented with the Yankees.

That makes it all the more interesting to look back at his greatest moment as a player, which actually came against the Yankees in a World Series. Of course, he also got a taste of what it was like losing to the Yankees, as New York's American League squad rallied to win the 1923 Series in six games.

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