Watch this — a baseball fan bikes to all 30 MLB stadiums for a good cause

Mike Oz
Watch this — a baseball fan bikes to all 30 MLB stadiums for a good cause

Jacob Landis certainly isn't the first baseball fan who set out on a summer journey to visit all 30 stadiums. But he very well could be the first who has done it on a bicycle with the goal of raising $1 million to help people who need cochlear implants but cannot afford them.

Landis, 24, lost his hearing as a young boy, but through a cochlear implant surgery when he was 10, was able to hear again. Wanting to help people who could benefit from the expensive surgery but can't pay for it, Landis decided to bike across the country in an attempt to fund-raise. He'll ride more than 10,000 miles in 175 days as he visits every MLB park — including a 22-day, 1,533-mile stretch he completed between Milwaukee and Seattle. Wow.

A Maryland resident, Landis has already crossed the country once, arriving in Los Angeles to see the Dodgers play in July. That's where he met up with Yahoo! Sports and told us about his attempt to "hit a home run for hearing." Watch the video above, then head over to where you can read more about his story and even donate to his cause.

As you read this, Landis is somewhere between Colorado and Texas. He's due to see the Rangers on Saturday. He'll end his journey on Sept. 24 when he watches the Marlins play the Phillies in Miami.

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