Watch this adorable 18-month-old name famous New York Yankees

Mike Oz
Big League Stew

My 2-year-old watched a couple Vine videos the Los Angeles Dodgers posted the other night of their players in the on-deck circle. Then he said, "no more base-ball-ball" and went about his toddler business, carrying around sand in a dump truck.

It wasn't until I saw this video of an 18-month-old rattling off the names of famous New York Yankees that I realized how much I've failed as a parent at turning my kid into a little baseball encyclopedia.

The video really is quite adorable. The young girl is named "CC" (perhaps spelled differently, we can't be sure) after a certain star Yankees pitcher. She does a great job saying names "Yogi Berra" and "Mickey Mantle," which aren't exactly as easy to say as "mama" and "daddy."

Perhaps my favorite part? These diehard Yankee-loving parents didn't bother teaching their little angel to say "A-Rod" — or they didn't want it captured on video for the world to see.

Here's something, though: My 2-year-old CAN name every year the Texas Rangers, Houston Astros and San Diego Padres have won the World Series. Yep, I'm just gonna go ahead and brag about that.

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