Washington police are already planning for a Nationals World Series parade

Kevin Kaduk
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In what has to be the boldest display of "Natitude" yet, Washington's chief of police says plans for a World Series parade in the city are already being made.

No, really. Police head Cathy Lanier recently went on a radio program to say that a party plan will be in place if and when the Washington  Nationals bring home the district's first World Series in 88 years.

And here I thought I was twirling the baton a bit too early when I wrote about the Rangers' possible parade plans when they held a 3-2 lead in last year's World Series.

From WTOP.com:

Police are already planning for a parade in the event of a Nats' win, and for spontaneous celebrations in the streets.

"It's going to be a big celebration for us here in Washington," [Lanier] says.

"We already have (the playoffs) sealed up," Lanier says of her confidence in the team. "We know we're going."

Stephen Strasburg shutdown? What Stephen Strasburg shutdown?

Look, local authorities taking early measures for the route and security for a possible parade party is nothing new. But this has to be the first time anyone has ever said anything about it with a magic number that still rests in the double digits and almost an entire month of the regular season still to be played. In a sport where regular-season success can mean little while being booted by a hotter team in a five-game series, no less!

On the other hand, the police department has an election to contend with the following week as well as an inauguration a few months later. You can't blame them for doing a bit of prep work, nor can you blame them for not acting like they've been here before.

Because they really haven't been.

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