Want: Drew Storen’s Batmobile

Kevin Kaduk
Big League Stew

Yes, I'm still waiting for a young, rich and pop culture-minded man to recreate the Mirthmobile for his burgeoning movie car collection. But until then, kudos are in order for Washington Nationals pitcher Drew Storen, a big Batman fan who went and murdered out a 2010 Nissan GTR so it would resemble the Batmobile.

Though it evokes Knight Rider's KITT a tad more than Bruce Wayne's famous whip, I must admit that Storen getting the brief opportunity to show off his car was worth him going public with his love of yoga to SB Nation video star Amy K. Nelson. Let's put it ahead of Derek Holland's dune buggy and Tommy Hanson's concussion car — and just behind Roy Halladay's modded-up hot rod — in this year's spring training auto rankings.

Come for the warrior pose, stay for the horsepower.

Check out Amy K's video for more bikram and Batman.

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