Wait, Yovani Gallardo not getting a bobblehead is controversial?

There have been a lot of candidates the past few months, but we've finally come across the one story that signals we baseball fans need real, live baseball to talk about more than ever.

As confirmed by MLB.com's Adam McCalvy, there's actually some controversy over Yovani Gallardo(notes) not having his likeness re-created for one of the Milwaukee Brewers' six bobblehead days this year. McCalvy reports that the young pitcher was originally on the roster for the "honor," but the arrival of Zack Greinke(notes) resulted in Gallardo not only surrendering the role of rotation ace but also the June 12 bobblehead giveaway date.

Easy enough explanation, right? Well, not quite.

The absence of Gallardo — who hasn't been immortalized in ceramic form by the club yet — has caused speculation from the righty not being a big part of the team's future to crazier theories that he's not being included because he's Hispanic and Wisconsin is roughly 143 percent Caucasian. (Save for the hot dog, all of this year's bobble subjects are white ... and hot dog is the "whitest of all racing sausages," claims Miller Park Drunk.)

Though I should be telling Wisconsinites to be comforting themselves with the Lombardi Trophy and sausage kebabs, the truth is that I can see why they're all fired up. That Randy Wolf(notes) bobblehead (Sept. 25) doesn't have half of Gallardo's potential resale value at the garage sale they'll hold in Manitowoc in a few years. And banking one last Prince Fielder(notes) bobble would have been preferable to adding a Casey McGehee(notes) (May 22) to the old collection.

But let's not get out of control here and suggest race actually had something to do with the omission of either player. I'm looking at my bookshelf and there's a Cecil Cooper mini-bobblehead I got at a game a few years back. It's standing next to the Chorizo bobblehead. Hey, CC Sabathia(notes) got his own bobblehead night last year and he wasn't even playing for the team at the time, for Uecker's sake.

Honestly, if there's any injustice at play, it's that I'm going to have to wait at least another year for my bobble Bud Selig.

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