Wait, didn't Obama say he was rooting for the Phillies this fall?

When it comes to baseball allegiances, it looks like Barack Obama can straddle the fence with the best of them after all. Less than a week after telling a Philadelphia crowd he was behind the Phillies, he hosted a group of no-doubt bleary-eyed Rays this morning at a campaign rally on the Florida battleground.

Considering that it was Tampa Bay who knocked out the candidate's White Sox out of the ALDS, it looks like Obama has found himself in a bit of a scandal. To be fair, though, he doesn't look very happy to be shaking Jonny Gomes' hand. (Quite frankly, it looks like he's wondering where that hand has been.) Perhaps this was an idea from a political strategist with a short memory?

Follow the jump for another picture of Mr. Obama and the Rays (where, again, he doesn't look very comfy).

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