Wade 'The Line Drive Pitcher' Korpi is doing just fine

You may have already seen the following video and lost your lunch. If you havent, it's of Notre Dame pitcher Wade Korpi taking a rocket line drive off his melon in a game a few weeks back. It's been the rage of YouTube ever since and the rumors of his well-being have swirled around the Web like a college baseball version of Britney Spears.

Before we continue, take another look. (Warning: This ain't for the faint.)

Pretty gruesome, though you'll be glad to know that Korpi is alive and well and hasn't missed any time with the Irish baseball squad. Since he's apparently invincible, I was waiting for a Notre Dame media member to catch up and do a Q&A with him about not only his health, but only his newfound Internet stardom.

Well, as he so often does, my friend Michael Rothstein of the Fort Wayne Journal Gazette came through, posting a great interview to his popular "Irish Insights" blog. A snippet follows the jump, but make sure to check out the whole thing:

Q:(Do) you realize this might follow you everywhere?

WK: "It probably will. I hear it everyday now, like ‘Are you that guy from the Internet?’ I hear it in class. They tell me ‘You know you’re famous now. I have friends from back home asking if I know you.’ It’s pretty crazy."

Q: What’s the craziest thing someone (has said)?

WK: "It’s funny going on YouTube and reading some of the comments people are making on the video. Anything you can think of, people are saying. They are saying ‘This guy died.’ People are laughing at it. People are like ‘Oh man, I hope he’s OK.’ There’s people that think I’m dead. There are people who did research and were like ‘No, he made a start last week.’"

Glad to hear Korpi's been able to have a laugh over the whole thing. Onward to victory, indeed.

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