The Votto family comes out in force to support Joey

Because baseball players make so much money these days and can seem a bit disconnected from the public, I'm a big fan of anything that serves as a reminder they're just like you and me.

And with this picture taken of Joey Votto's family outside Toronto's Rogers Centre on Thursday, I think the similarity between the Reds rookie and the rest of us is clear:

His family can embarrass him just as easily as any of ours can.

Oh, I'm just kidding. The above picture might be the sweetest thing I'll see all season. Those are his twin brothers in the middle and his mom, a sommelier at the well-regarded Via Allegro, is on the left. (One thing, though, Votto family: Where's the Reds' gear?)

Votto is a Toronto-area native and his return to face the Blue Jays this week was big news around the SkyDome. He returned to his hometown for a baseball clinic, talked to some high school all-stars from The Star and attracted a media crowd that one outlet described as "Mats Sundin- and Chris Bosh-like." That's big stuff, right there.

The homecoming, however, could have gone better. The Reds dropped two of three games to the Blue Jays and went 1-for-11 over the three games with five Ks. The lone highlight was a double off Roy Halladay on Wednesday, which isn't bad, but I'm sure he would have liked to show his family and the hometown fans a bit more.