VintageTube: Nolan Ryan, Hall of Famer, soap opera star

Just when I think television is doing us all a disservice by not having more MLB cameos comes a reminder that most baseballers have the stage presence of an air conditioner. For evidence, witness this appearance by Nolan Ryan on a 1975 episode of Ryan's Hope, a soap opera that apparently ran for 14 years, though I had never heard of it until just now.

You know a clip is old when one of the kids gushes that Ryan has "four no-hitters!"

Also, no truth to the rumor that one of the child actors is an eight-year-old Robin Ventura.

Follow the jump for another Ryan segment from the show. This one's about three times as long, which gives the Express much more time to show off his considerable acting talent. Sweet Halos warmup, too:

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