Vintage photo: Phillies rookies Jimmy Rollins, Pat Burrell play dress up

David Brown

Jimmy Rollins apparently was doing some spring cleaning when he came across an old photo of himself, Pat Burrell and other Philadelphia Phillies rookies wearing the latest summer of 2000 fashions. Rollins didn't expressly say it, but it seems an homage to Burrell, who recently announced his retirement at age 35. And check out Burrell: Even as a rookie, he was built like a brick ... oven pizzeria.

There are two kinds of people in this world: Those who think men wearing dresses is funny, and those who don't. I go with "funny." Rollins said on Twitter:

Old new and Pat's rookie dress up day

Ah, yes. The rookie hazing of choice in Major League Baseball: Making the youngsters look foolish by stealing their regular clothes and replacing them with women's garments, or mascot outfits, or whatnot.

Two other things of note:

The photo was taken in front of Wrigley Field, probably on Sept. 28. Rollins would not identify the photographer but said "the source" of the picture was Wayne Gomes. I'm not sure who the other Phillies in the photo are, but one looks like Reggie Taylor. Not that it matters. The stars are Rollins and Burrell, who both might be wearing Liz Claiborne. But will his rookie hazing outfit become an exhibit in Burrell's personal hall of fame?

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