Video trailer for Yasiel Puig’s walkup song by Mr. Criminal samples Vin Scully

David Brown
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And you thought the song of summer was that "Blurred Lines" by Alan Thicke's kid and Hannah Montana. Nuh uh.

It's "Yasiel Puig" by Mr. Criminal (AKA: Roberto Fabian Garcia), a Mexican-American hip-hop artist from the economically gentrified and culturally diverse Silver Lake neighborhood of central Los Angeles. Mr. Criminal's best move, other than getting Puig's personal approval to use the song at Dodgers games, was sampling Dodgers broadcaster Vin Scully doing Puig highlights. Has Mr. Scully contracted with Mr. Criminal for his piece of any profits? Who knows, but all in good time, I'm sure.

"For all my Latinos, united, hooray!" Mr. Criminal begins in Spanish, and then it gets too complicated pari mi to translate. But the gist is, this song is about Yasiel Puig, who's making Latinos from all walks proud because he's playing great baseball.

And how do we know that this is Yasiel Puig's new walkup song? Well, Puig himself appears in the video and appears to listen to the tune — nodding his head in sync with the beat — while sitting in Mr. Criminal's SUV.

Puig also tweeted about it:

These days, that's more less equal to getting a sworn affidavit witnessed by a notary public and stamped on the back of the Dead Sea Scrolls.

Hey, for those unwilling to embrace the Spanish language, Mr. Criminal's song is bilingual:

"Now say my name: Yasiel Puig, No. 1 in the league! Hard work got me livin' all my dreams.

"Yasiel Puig, it's Dodger Blue. These colors don't run. I'm about to hit a home run."

Yeah, he rhymed "don't run" with "home run." So?! I'm not a great judge of hip hop, but I like it, in an if-John-Cougar-Mellencamp-rapped kind of way.

It's not a complete song or video yet. The song lasts less than two minutes, and Mr. Criminal promises at the end of the trailer: "Video coming soon." These things take time, but October delivery would be preferred, guys.

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