Video: The Mets meet Sarah McLachlan’s charity

Three years of disappointing performances on the field, financial difficulties and a shaky ownership situation have not only depressed New York Mets fans, but also made their favorite team the butt of many jokes. Those will only increase in volume and venom now that the Miami Marlins and Washington Nationals — their primary competition for last place in the National League East — have shown a willingness to spend money.

On the other hand, now is also a wonderful time to be the owner of a New York Mets blog. Especially if you're honest, creative, and most importantly, humorous. Those all apply to Randy Medina's blog Read The Apple, and most notably his latest piece of work.

Medina, knowing the Mets will struggle to lure fans out for the coming season, took it upon himself to produce a gem of a spoof ticket commercial based on Sarah McLachlan's animal cruelty ads.

Watch the funny video on Read The Apple

I suppose we should tack on a little disclaimer here: Animal cruelty is not funny. But taking shots at poorly-run professional sports franchise, even if it's the one you love the most? Well, that can be — and should be — funny.

Hopefully Mets fans found as much comfort here as St. Louis Cardinals fans did when Matt Sebek produced a similar video about Albert Pujols last spring.

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