Video: Guy with gigantic mullet sings 1990 Pirates theme song

Sweet Drabek's drape, look at the mane on that singing guy to the right!

I don't think I have to do any additional selling of a video containing the ultimate Pittsburgh-looking guy singing about the 1990 NL East champion Pittsburgh Pirates. After all, I started watching the song the minute I saw Andy Smith posting about it over on Bugs & Cranks.

But if you do need to know what you're watching, RumBunter's Tom Smith actually embedded this song at the beginning of the season while providing a little context for a video that comes up just a tad short of the Dodgers' classic "Baseball Boogie":

My favorite line in the 1990 Pittsburgh Pirates theme song: ‘Remember the heartbreak, remember the tears, getting it all together takes so many years....' Ahh, yes it does Ernie.

The 1990 theme song was sung by Ernie Pontiere of The Lettermen, whose childhood idol was Roberto Clemente. The song was written by the ‘prophetic' Frank and Ray Falotico of Ellwood City. The 1989 Bucs were fifth in the division with a 74-88 record, but the 1990 team behind ‘You Gotta Believe' made it to the NLCS.

Of course, it's also worth pointing out that the Pirates haven't won a playoff series since, though there are probably bigger reasons for that than The Curse of Ernie Pontiere's Mullet.

And considering that they had winning seasons in both 1991 and 1992, I think it's time for the Pirates to resurrect this song on their scoreboard (if they haven't already) in an attempt to reverse their 18 straight losing-season fortunes in 2011.

Anyway, here's the video, which is preceded by 4:30 minutes on the making of the song. (Translation: You want to jump to the 4:30 mark to get straight to some awesome baseball crooning, circa 1990. Enjoy.)


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