Video: Guy dressed as Italian sausage collides with motorcycle cop

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As this shocking video shows, the beloved Milwaukee Brewers Sausage Race almost didn't happen on opening day because of a pregame collision.

Early on Monday during a relay race to Miller Park, a La Crosse, Wis. man dressed as an Italian Sausage zigged (or possibly zagged) into the path of a police officer on a motorcycle who was patrolling the route.

Boiiing! goes the sausage. And the officer's name was ... Randall Simon (no it wasn't).

Amazingly, Kevin Carboni (of COURSE he's Italian!) was not knocked off his feet or out of his casing. He kept on running, even though a foot and leg were "banged up," and he finished his part of the relay. A real wiener, this Guido.

The La Crosse Tribune got the scoop:

"It looks a lot worse than it is," Carboni, 51, said of the collision. "It must be that tough Klement's casing."

He called his wife and daughter to let them know he was OK.

"I've taken harder falls in Hixon Forest," Carboni said.

No idea where that is or what it means. Hope he's just paying tribute to the local woods and is not concussed.

BLS hat tips to Deadspin and the Last Angry Fan.

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