Video: Despite baggage, Troy Tulowitzki avoids TSA pat down

The Colorado Rockies are it again this season, producing another batch of highly entertaining and award-winning commercials for the upcoming baseball season.

Among the 2011 gems is the ad featured above. It features shortstop Troy Tulowitzki(notes) being forced to relinquish his brand new Gold Glove and Silver Slugger awards to get past the airport metal detector. It's a great commercial, even though we'll be forced to suspend reality for a few weeks until Tulowitzki actually receives his new hardware. That typically happens during the teams first homestand.

The little head nod to Todd Helton(notes) and his career achievements at the very end is also a nice touch. From the Toddfather to the grizzled, old school veteran, I've always enjoyed the varying roles Helton has played in these ads over the years.

But I have to admit, as much as I enjoyed the Tulo/TSA ad, my personal favorite features a group of Rockies lecturing an overzealous fan for starting the wave during a key moment of a game. As a staunch opponent to any and all forms of the wave, I appreciated this message below.

Unfortunately, the Rockies didn't listen to some of their fans' criticisms, as their purple dinosaur mascot Dinger was featured prominently once again.

On the bright side, at least he wasn't blocking anyone's view.

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