Video: Cashman climbs down building in advance of Santa show

So how easy was it for New York Yankees GM Brian Cashman to convince Mariano Rivera(notes) to shun the Boston Red Sox and stay at Yankee Stadium for at least another two years?

Apparently easy enough that Cashman found himself climbing down the side of a 22-story office building in Stamford, Conn., only hours after closing the $30 millon deal.

And despite appearances, Cashman wasn't trying to escape the outrageous salary demands of Derek Jeter's(notes) agent or barge his way into negotiations between Carl Crawford(notes) and other interested teams. Rather, he was preparing for his act on Saturday night, when he'll make the same descent while dressed as an elf for Stamford's Heights and Lights Festival. (Here's how we previously imagined he'll be dressed for the ceremony.)

From the Associated Press:

"I was thinking of the Batman and Robin stuff," Cashman said. "It's pretty incredible. It's the opportunity of a lifetime."

So if it's the opportunity of a lifetime will he be joined by any Yankees players?

"I wouldn't let any players do that," he said. "I'm replaceable."

Hoo, boy! Maybe that quick drop in altitude got into Cashman's head a little bit. Hasn't the crux of the Yankees' contract battle with Jeter been that every player, even the Captain, is ultimately replaceable at Yankee Stadium?

Ah, I'm just kidding as I'm actually impressed that Cashman is well-rounded enough to step away from the job during a busy time to do something he's always wanted to do while also lending Santa Claus a much-needed hand during Christmas time.

Anyway, best of luck to Cashman on Saturday night. (And here's hoping he doesn't look down.)

Check out this video of Cashman's rehearsal from Norwalk's Hour Newspaper: