Video: Buck and McCarver note Zooey Deschanel’s early exit

Big League Stew

It has been a network tradition to use high-profile sporting events to give some sweet seats — and even sweeter airtime — to television stars that appear elsewhere in its lineup. Broadcast synergy at its finest!

I cannot, however, remember a time when a network poked fun at the traditional tush-grabbing like Fox did in Sunday's Game 4 of the World Series. Watch as Joe Buck and Tim McCarver pull back the curtain with a good sense of humor and point out that maybe all those star sightings aren't as serendipitous as they would like us to believe.

Before you blame her for doing her best Albert Pujols after Game 2 impersonation, let it be known that Zooey Deschanel of "The New Girl" sang a pretty good national anthem before the game (see it here) and is actually a pretty big baseball fan herself. She sometimes talks about her fantasy baseball team on Twitter and her husband, Death Cab for Cutie's Ben Gibbard, is a big Seattle Mariners fan who has been known to perform at Safeco Field.

Also, I'm pretty sure this was around the time I asked her to go out to center field to share a Texas-shaped waffle. So blame me, if you must.

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