Vicente Padilla: Mark Teixeira ‘better off playing women’s sport’

David Brown
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To heck with those TV ads featuring Nick Offerman wearing the Cubs cap and Craig Robinson wearing the White Sox cap trying to one-up each other with insults. The continuing dialogue between Vicente Padilla of the Red Sox and Mark Teixeira of the Yankees is just as entertaining and silly — and they're not even acting.

Here's the latest: Padilla has hurled a sexist slam at Teixeira, a former teammate with the Rangers who for years has accused Padilla of throwing at batters on purpose, including him. Teixeira recently said that no one likes playing with Padilla. Oh, yeah?! Well, here's the translation from a Spanish-language interview that NESN recently did with Padilla on Saturday:

"In this sport, as competitive ball players, we get pretty fired up," Padilla said. "So I think, maybe, [Teixeira] picked the wrong profession. I think he'd be better off playing a women's sport."

Not cool, Vicente. One of these days, men will be able to insult each other's manhood without stooping to hating on the other gender (or gays). At least Padilla didn't refer to Teixeira as a "girl." That's progress, right?

But that's not the end of the war of words. Padilla also said Teixeira doesn't like Latinos.

"The problem is he talks about all the wrong things that others have done, but the things he's done -- against the Latinos [on the Rangers] -- he doesn't open his mouth about," Padilla said. "He once threatened me and said he was going to hit me with a bat, and that's when we were playing on the same team.

"And then, he also had problems with Frank Francisco, our closer back then. But he doesn't talk about that, does he? Then, of course, he goes on and makes those comments about me."

Chairman of the Board, Frank Francisco? Him? Anyway, having a problem with Padilla and another player with a Spanish surname isn't exactly damning evidence that you have it in for all Latinos. Teixeira responded (via the Twitter of Dan Barbarisi of the Wall Street Journal). Sadly, he didn't amplify the war of words:

Mark Teixeira calls Padilla's comments "humorous"/erroneous", challenges anyone to find a latin Yankee teammate who dislikes him

Sounds like a lawyer's statement. Padilla also defended himself, saying he simply throws inside and, if his pitches happen to hit the opposing batter, so be it. It has been said that Teixeira didn't like being a teammate of Padilla's because the other team would often retaliate against Padilla by hitting Teixeira.

Sexism, racism (or ethic-ism). Ferris Bueller and John Lennon didn't like -isms, but they make for good copy. And it's not like we were hurting for reasons to watch a Red Sox-Yankees game. The next Padilla-Teixeira confrontation ought to be fun.

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