Very superstitious: Elvis Andrus hasn't had a haircut since March

The picture of Texas Rangers shortstop Elvis Andrus(notes) on the left is from spring training.

The wolfman-looking one of him on the right is from last week.

Somewhere along the way, Andrus either lost the clubhouse clippers or his ride to his personal stylist. Whatever the case, the barber shop boycott that increased his hat size from 7 1/8 to 7 1/2 has been intentional. Andrus is a superstitious sort who says he won't cut his hair until the ALCS-bound Rangers stop winning — or take the whole World Series.

From the Fort Worth Star-Telegram:

"If we win everything, I might get somebody in spring training to cut it [short]" said Andrus, who earlier this summer went with blond highlights.

It was actually the color "gold" — Elvis' description — but it did nothing at all for his hitting. His batting average dropped about 30 points.

"But the team goes and wins a lot of games," recalled Andrus, adding with a smile, "so, I sacrifice."

Now, headed into the ALCS against the New York Yankees, Andrus is hoping that his locks make the Rangers a lock for their first World Series trip.

And, hey, if the 22-year-old can keep up his performance from the ALDS, he stands a good chance of controlling the terms of his shearing. He went 8-for-24 against Tampa Bay Rays pitching, stole three bases and allowed the Rangers to take early control of Game 5 with his aggressive first-inning baserunning. If he does the same thing against the Yankees, you can bet that the late George Steinbrenner will be shaking his head somewhere.

For a couple of reasons, of course.

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