Unfortunate fan of the day: Dude in a Mets jersey takes a tumble in the stands

Mike Oz
Big League Stew

This is not one of those posts where a guy in the stands holding a beer catches a foul ball with one hand and high-fives his buds and achieves hero status on the Internet for 10-24 hours. This is a post where an unfortunate fan loses his balance, takes a tumble, (probably) loses his beer and gets laughed at by the Internet.

Such is the risk of living in 2013. Such is the risk of being a Mets fan. Because let's face it, it's at least six times funnier because he's a Mets fan.

The second best part is how the video makes it look like St. Louis Cardinals pitcher Trevor Rosenthal saw the whole happen out of his peripheral. To make matters worse: The Mets lost to the Cardinals 2-1, and their Gotham City hero Matt Harvey took his first loss of the season.

Here's hoping the body of Unfortunate Mets Fan is all right, even if his pride is completely soiled.

BLS H/N: @ckirsch714 via Eye on Baseball

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MLB video from Yahoo! Sports:

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