Unearthed: Rick Dempsey & The Invisible Orioles Magic Band — enjoy all the ’80s fun

Mike Oz
Big League Stew

I don't even really know where to begin with this. Chris from Warning Track Power — the Baltimore band that sings Orioles songs — sent us this straight-outta-the-'80s gem that his grandma found in her basement.

It's titled "Rick Dempsey & The Invisible Orioles Magic Band." It's 51 minutes long, full of wild hair, concert footage and run-delayed mischief, circa 1986. Rick Dempsey, the longtime catcher tuned broadcaster (and apparently, band leader) runs the show, with guys such as Eddie Murray, Mike Boddicker and Floyd Rayford making appearances too.

We can't sit through all 51 minutes, but some of you hardcore O's fans might. If nothing else, it is worth skimming through just to be amazed as it oozes '80s nostalgia.

Makes us wonder which current Oriole would be the bandleader in a remake?

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